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Research Essay 作業代寫

    Semester 1, 2013
    Research Essay (50% of course grade)
     Research Essay  作業代寫
    You are required to write a research essay of approximately 3,000 words (excluding the
    bibliography), which is worth 50% of the total course grade. The essay should be a substantial
    piece of independent research, reflection and analysis. Assessment criteria address the extent to
    which your essay: answers the question; demonstrates sound knowledge of the topic within the
    context of the course; engages with relevant scholarly literature; demonstrates critical thinking
    in relation to the topic and the literature used; demonstrates breadth and depth in research; puts
    forward a clear, coherent and logically structured argument; is clearly written; and uses
    appropriate referencing conventions.
     Research Essay  作業代寫
    Choose ONE of the following essay questions:
    1. “Between the two wars, Europe was not at peace but in a state best characterised as a civil
    war, whether latent or actual.” Discuss.
    2. How and why did the social and political impact of the Great Depression differ between
    European countries?
     Research Essay  作業代寫
    3. To what extent is it justified to speak of the inter-war years as “the epoch of fascism”?
    4. What impact did the Bolshevik revolution have on inter-war Europe?


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