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COMP2121 Project 作業代寫

    COMP2121 Project
    In this project, you will develop an emulating system to emulate a lift door controller using our AVR
    Development Board.
    Generally, a lift (elevator) controller needs to control commands from many sources such as internal
    floor select buttons, door control buttons and external call buttons on each floor. Your task in this
    project is to emulate a simplified lift controller operating on the AVR microcontroller chip. You will
    be demonstrating door operation as well as moving the lift between floors.
    The lift you will be emulating has a single call button on each floor, and floor select, emergency,
    open and close buttons inside the lift.
    Your lift emulating system should satisfy the following requirements. Marks will be allocated
    amongst the points listed in the following section. More marks will be given to more difficult
    features such as correctly servicing requests and correctly operating the door.
    COMP2121 Project 作業代寫
    1. Your lift can travel up and down amongst 10 floors numbered 0-9.
    2. The keypad buttons 0-9 represent the floor select and call buttons. If one of these keys is pushed it
    means someone wants to get on or off at that floor.
    3. Multiple requests may be given and should be taken. i.e., somebody may push the button on floor 8
    while the lift is moving up to floor 7. The lift should service the requests as in a real lift scenario. For
    example, when the lift is passing the 5th floor upwards to the 8th floor, the request for floor 3 and 4
    will be serviced after servicing floor 8.
    COMP2121 Project 作業代寫
    4. The lift takes 2 second to travel between floors.
    5. If the lift stops at a floor, it will open and close its door. The process for this is:
    i. Open the door. This takes 1 second.
    ii. Leave the door open for three seconds.
    iii. Close the door. This takes 1 second.
    6. Use one of the push buttons as a Close button inside the lift. It should operate as follows:
    i. If the Close button is pushed while the door is open, start closing the door without waiting.
    ii. The Close button will NOT cancel the opening sequence (just the waiting sequence).
    7. Use the other push button for emergency. Pushing the emergency button should stop the servicing of
    the lift (if the door is opening, it should close) and the lift should go to the ground floor (i.e., floor 0), the
    lift should then open and close to get the people out, and the lift should halt. The LCD should show the
    following message
    COMP2121 Project 作業代寫
    Call 000”
    The LED should blink to denote the alarm for emergency (you can connect to the speaker as well for fun).
    8. The direction of the lift and the status of the door (i.e., open, close and moving) should be displayed on
    the LED in any way you please.
    9. The current floor number should be displayed on the LCD in any way you please.
    10. To indicate the door is opening, the motor should spin at approximately 70rps (revolutions per
    second). To indicate the door is closing, the motor should spin at approximately 40rps.
    Bonus Points:
    Use another available button in the keypad as an Open button inside the lift. It should operate as follows,
    1. If the Open button is pushed while the lift is stopped at a floor, it should open according to the
    procedure in Point 5.
    COMP2121 Project 作業代寫
    2. If the Open button is pushed while the lift is closing, the door should stop closing, re-open and continue
    operating as in Point 5.
    3. If the Open button is held down while the door is open, the door should remain open until the button is
    COMP2121 Project 作業代寫
    4. The Open button will NOT function while the lift is moving between floors.
    You can also do some fun stuff with speaker
    5. A speaker should sound a short tone whenever the lift arrives at a floor and leaves the floor.
    Submission information:
    COMP2121 Project 作業代寫
    1. A hard copy and soft copy of your source(.asm). Your program should be well commented.
    2. A hard copy of the user manual. The user manual describes how a user uses your lift emulating
    system, including how to wire up the AVR lab board. Make sure you indicate which buttons perform each
    action and how the LED and LCD displays should be interpreted.
    3. A hard copy of the design manual. The design manual describes how you design the lift emulating
    system. It must contain the following components.
    i. System control flow. It describes the control flow of the system at the module level using a
    ii. Data Structures. It describes the main data structures used in the system.
    iii. Algorithm for servicing requests. It describes how the requests of passengers are serviced in
    your system.
    iv. Module specification. It describes the functions, the input and the output of each module.
    Overall, a person with knowledge about the subject and board should understand how your system is
    designed after reading this design manual.
    You also need to demonstrate your system to the assessor on the specified demo date.
    Submit the hard copies of the above documents during the demonstration.
    Marking Scheme:
    This project is worth 100 marks. The marking scheme will be as follows.
    ? Basic Implementation (80 marks)
    ? Design Document (10 marks)
    ? User Manual (5 marks)
    ? Coding Style and commenting (5 marks)
    You can also score an extra 10 marks as bonus points.
    Due time:
    Friday of week 13.


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