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S1 2013 ACCG350 Group Assignment Report Instructions 代寫

    S1 2013 ACCG350 Group Assignment Report Instructions
    Due date: 4 pm Thursday 23rd May
    S1 2013 ACCG350 Group Assignment Report Instructions  代寫
    Submission: Submit the hardcopy of your assignment to BESS and the softcopy of your
    assignment to Turnitin on the unit iLearn.
    This is a group assignment of three or four students. You are required to evaluate and report
    on the most recent (FY2012) Annual Report of an Australian company (The list of the
    companies is provided below and to be assigned by your tutor), as if you were security
    analysts making a recommendation on whether your clients should invest in it.
    The report is to be written from the point of view of a sell-side analyst and should be directed
    at sophisticated investors, educated in accounting and finance. It is to include the following
    .S1 2013 ACCG350 Group Assignment Report Instructions  代寫
    1. Introduction, including a clear statement of objectives and structure of the report.
    2. Business and Strategic Analysis, including analyses of:
    ? a clear statement of the company’s activities,
    ? an analysis of the economy,
    ? the industry, and the company’s place in the industry,
    ? the company’s competitive and corporate strategy,
    ? and the implications of all of these for its future profitability.
    3. Accounting Analysis, including:
    ? an analysis of the company’s key accounting policies that are likely to
    affect interpretation of its financial reports (at least 3 policies),
    ? why they are “key”, related to the company’s activities,
    ? what the primary areas of accounting flexibility for these policies are,
    ? a comparison to those of a competitor in the same industry.
    4. Financial Analysis, including
    ? the presentation and interpretation of relevant ratios for the company and a
    ? a time series analysis of these for both companies over the past three years,
    ? evaluation of the company’s cash flow position from operating activities,
    investing activities, cash flow to all debt and equity holders, and cash flow
    to equity holders,
    ? an analysis of the company’s overall financial position.
    5. Prospective Analysis, including:
    ? forecasts of key elements of income statements and balance sheets for the
    company for the next five (5) financial years,
    ? the presentation of these ‘condensed’ income statements and balance
    sheets (key elements only),
    ? reasons for the major forecast items, such as sales,
    ? valuation of the company using two different methods. The discounted
    cash flow model must be used together with an alternative valuation model
    at your choice,
    ? indication of estimated value per share.
    6. Recommendation for the clients, drawing on the whole analysis of the company.
    ? A brief summary of the report,
    ? A comparison of the estimated value per share with the market value, and
    a recommendation based on this.
    The report should be word-processed and professionally presented. It is to be approximately
    18 – 22 double-lines spacing pages in length, excluding references and appendices. A report
    that exceeds 22 pages or goes below 15 pages will be penalised.
    All assumptions should be clearly stated and supported if possible. Both in-text references
    and bibliography should be provided. Commercial data services may be used to source
    Annual Report and other information. Any commercial data sources used should be
    acknowledged and referenced in the written report. Note that plagiarism from commercial
    analysts’ reports can be easily identified and will result in zero marks for the assignment.
    Late submissions will have 25% of the total marks deducted per day.
    When submitting, it should include the assignment coversheet for group assessments, the
    group assignment report marking and feedback sheet, and the first page of originality
    report (which is produced when you submit your report to Turnitin).
    The assignment coversheet for group assessments must include the following:
    ? Signed plagiarism statement.
    ? Signatures of all group members.
    The assignment coversheet for group assessments can be found at:
    nment_coversheets ).
    Students must indicate their individual contributions upon the agreement of all group
    members in the group assignment report marking and feedback sheet and sign. If
    students contribute less than their peer group members, their marks will be reduced to reflect
    their effort in the group assignment. For example, 50% of individual contribution × a group
    assignment mark of 90 = a mark of 45 for the student.
    Students should consult with the unit convenor if further clarification is needed.
    List of Australian Companies to use for Group Assignment
    S1 2013 ACCG350 Group Assignment Report Instructions  代寫
    ASX Code  Industry
    Business Summary
    Amcor Limited  AMC  Materials/
    Containers &
    A global packaging company with
    operation across five major geographic
    areas (over 42 countries). Amcor offers
    a broad range of plastic, fibre, metal
    and glass packaging related products
    and services as well as recycling
    Boral Limited  BLD  Materials/ 
    An international building and
    construction materials company
    headquartered in Sydney, Australia.
    Boral’s core businesses include
    Cement and Constructions Materials,
    Plasterboard, and Bricks and Roof
    Holdings Limited
    FAN  Retailing  An Australian furniture retailer and
    manufacturer operating over 130 stores
    across five furniture retail chains
    including national retailers Fantastic
    Furniture, Plush and Dare Gallery as
    well as Le Cornu in South Australia
    (SA) and the Northern Territory (NT)
    and the Original Mattress Factory in
    New South Wales (NSW). The
    Company also has mattress
    manufacturing facilities operating as a
    supply chain to service all the its retail
    S1 2013 ACCG350 Group Assignment Report Instructions  代寫
    Flight Centre
    FLT  Consumer
    Services/ Hotels
    Restaurants &
    FLT is engaged in travel agency
    business. The company provides a
    complete travel service for leisure and
    business travelers in Australia, New
    Zealand, the United States, Canada, the
    United Kingdom, Africa, Middle East,
    Asia, New Zealand, and Europe.
    Toll Holdings
    TOL  Transportation/ 
    Air Freight &
    TOL is an integrated logistics provider
    in the Asian region and operates an
    extensive network throughout
    Australia, New Zealand and Asia
    delivering seamless, end to end, local,
    regional and global supply chain
    solutions. Transport and infrastructure
    assets include road fleets, warehousing,
    ships, air freight capacity, ports and rail
    rolling stock. TOL serves businesses in
    automotive, beverage, food and retail,
    industrial, ports, resources and
    relocation sector.
    S1 2013 ACCG350 Group Assignment Report Instructions  代寫
    TCL  Transportation/
    Involved in the development,
    operation, and maintenance of toll
    roads business in Australia and North
    S1 2013 ACCG350 Group Assignment Report Instructions  代寫
    Source: Morningstar DatAnalysis Premium
    ACCG350 Group Assignment Presentation Instructions
    Due date: Tutorials at Week 8 and Week 9
    Your group is required to present the analysis and results on Business and Strategic
    Analysis, Accounting Analysis, and Financial Analysis of the group assignment. The
    duration of the presentation is 10-12 minutes and each student in the group must take part in
    the oral presentation.
    S1 2013 ACCG350 Group Assignment Report Instructions  代寫
    Please follow the instructions set in the group assignment report and the presentation
    marking and feedback sheet to prepare your group presentation.
    You are required to bring a print-out of your slides and the presentation marking and
    feedback sheet to your presentation.
    Students who arrive late to their tutorials in week 8 and 9 will lose 25% of the mark awarded
    for their presentation.


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