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    In the face of the competition, Hershey has to boast their own differentiation of their products so as to create better positioning in consumers’ minds. Increasing different flavors to their candy bar can make people believe the increase of the effectiveness of their products. A wide variety of promotional strategies can be adopted, such as print advertising and public relation (The Hershey Company, 2012). The increase of different flavors and tastes fit for all customers can increase consumers’ satisfaction.

    Target market

    The major target market are those who focus on the health aspect of Hershey’s kisses chocolates since nowadays people’s health situations are deteriorating and people’s health consciousness are improving. Although Hershey Kisses chocolates are advertised to those who care about health benefits, anyone can enjoy it. In that case, the target market may include young children, adults, athletes and older people (Zimmerman, 1993).


    The Hershey Company was founded by Mr. Milton Hershey’s (Zimmerman, 1993). Based on the concept of “Bringing the Best to Everyone We Touch”, the company is always contributed to improve itself. The improvement comes from the clear awareness of itself. The report analyzes the macro environment from two aspects, industry trends, competitors, target market and its STP briefly. Although with weakness and limitations, the analysis will help Hershey’s leaders make effective decisions and strategies in the future. 


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