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代寫business assignment

    Assignment 3
    Assessment 3 – 3 reflective pieces Due Friday (10t h May) week 12 by 6pm
     代寫business assignment
    The capacity to reflect is an important element of professional life. It enhances the capacity to evaluate current knowledge and to understand and accept personal weaknesses and strengths. The three reflective pieces in this assignment provide an opportunity for students to practice critical reflection and recognise its value in professional life.

    Description of the assignment
    The assignment requires the writing of three short reflective pieces. Each piece will reflect on a specific activity within the course. The three pieces in total should not exceed 2000 words in length.
    Each piece requires the student to bring together a designated reading or activity, concepts from the relevant part of the course, and personal experience, to turn these over in the mind and reflect on the topic, and to write in the first person about her or his considered view.

    Your answer should be in the form of three short pieces of reflective writing. Each should be about two or three paragraphs long, but that is a general guide, not a requirement – the word length, about 2000 words, should be kept in mind.
    A number of resources are available to assist students with reflective thinking and reflective writing. These are outlined in the Resources section below. Extra information relating to this will be placed on the course site under the heading ‘Assignment 3-resources’

    When submitting the assignment on turnitin the Feedback sheet is to be included and the student is to complete the ‘rubrics’ at the bottom of the Feedback form, indicating his or her own evaluation of the assignment against the assessment criteria.

    Specific information about the 3 reflective pieces
    You are required to write three separate reflective pieces for this assignment:

    1. The first reflective piece requires you to reflect on how business should (or should not) be worried about  more than profit.
    Topic: Should business be concerned about more than profit?
    Information:  Read Edward Freeman’s seminar article on the stakeholder theory of the firm. It is eReading 7.  Freeman, RE 1998[1984], ‘A Stakeholder Theory of the Modern Corporation’ in Hartman, LB (ed), Perspectives in Business Ethics, McGraw-Hill, Chicago IL, pp. 171-181. (see e readings on course site)
    Way of making sense: Useful conceptual background might come from the segment of the course which discusses sustainability, or from the part on the relationship between business and society.
    Personal experience: this may be experience you have had of occasions where a business has placed undue emphasis on profit with unfortunate consequences, or where the concern shown by a business for the community has had positive consequences, or some other personal experience.
    2. The second reflective piece journal requires you to reflect on an aspect of careers.
    Topic: what I value in a career
    Information: Spend an hour working through the Careers workbook. Students will complete this task in class time-you will be given a hard copy version of the workbook. Choose one of the 56 career values listed on pages 4-6 of the Careers workbook as the topic for this reflection.
    Way of making sense: Useful conceptual background might come from the segment of the course which discusses what it means to be professional, or from the part on ethics.
    Personal experience: this may be experience you have had of other people who are memorable or influential because of values they displayed, or your own personal experience
    3. The third reflective piece requires you to reflect on the importance of integrity and ethics in your professional life.
    Topic: what integrity means to me
    Information: Read Margaret Somerville’s 2009 chapter: Past virtues for a future world: holding our humanness on trust pp.199-246. (Note this is an e reading and is under assignment 3 resources on course site.
    Way of making sense: Useful conceptual background might come from the segment of the course which discusses what it means to be professional, or from the section on types of ethical problem.
    Personal experience: this may be examples of people who have acted with, or without, integrity and the consequences, it might be a time when you have felt torn, when your personal integrity was challenged, or any other relevant experience.

    Assessment feedback  
      BUSS 1057 Business and Society    Assignment 3 : 3 Reflective Pieces  
      Please include the Feedback sheet when submitting the assignment on Gradebook. Please complete the ‘rubrics’ in the block at the bottom of the page to indicate your own evaluation of the assignment against the assessment criteria.  
      Student’s name                                                                                            ID number  
      Key Assignment criteria Performance on this component Comment  
      Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excell-ent  
      Body of knowledge:       5 marks
    Understanding of course content  that is used as the basis for reflection                  
      Capacity to reflect         20 marks
    Extent to which pieces contains reflective writing
      Depth of reflection              
      Extent to which reflection is directed toward a purpose (not empty day-dreaming)              
      Extent to which personal experience is incorporated in responses              
      Academic literacy                         5 marks
    Conveying in the journal a sense of the personal reflection which took place
    Providing sources where they are needed
      Summary comment, including two things which would improve the assignment:
    Assignment grade
      GQ2:life-long learning   GQ5: are committed to ethical action and social responsibility  
    Rubrics: this table indicates how the performance on each of the criteria is assessed; you can assess your own achievement here
    criterion, element very poor poor fair good excellent
    Understanding of the reflection topics missing muddled view of concepts able to describe main elements uses concepts to enhance analysis broad conceptual understanding
    Extent to which pieces contain reflective writing No reflective writing Pieces are mainly descriptive, with little reflection Some reflective writing Each piece has reflective elements Each piece is predominantly reflective
    Depth of reflection Solely descriptive writing events, outrage or adulation but no reflection mainly descriptive reflection Mainly dialogic reflection Consistently applies critical reflection
    Extent to which reflection is directed toward a purpose not covered mentions a  purpose, but not linked to reflection Link is articulated stepping back from events, taking stock Reflection has clear outcome, and achieves it
    personal experience is incorporated in responses No personal content personal events mentioned, not connected Describes personal values Personal values influence the reflection Reviews personal change
    Academic literacy missing sources  comprehension difficult hard to follow, some sources incomplete readable , sources NA or OK easy to read, depth obvious, correct sources joy and enlightenment for reader
    代寫business assignment 


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