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    During a long-term, mostly corporatesbuild own group culture in business. The business culture is often viewed that a concept of the corporate’s management and communication styles. The top manager and shareholders often make the corporate culture and will directly influence the employees’ behavior and consciousness. So the stronger culture will improve the staff's enthusiasm and creativity and help them better fulfill their duties. They have cultural differences in the business process in the different counties, which mainly includes the values and communication of organizations. When a business plans to develop overseas markets, they have to learn local culture and improvecultural sensitivity for the successful business transactions in international business.
    This report shows the cultural difference in businesses in Italy and Canada from three sections. By these comparisons, the research will give some similarities and differences between the two counties and China for offering some recommendations to the business development.
    Results and discussions
    Different business structures of Italy and Canada
    Business structure of Italy
    In Italy,the small and medium-sized family firms still occupy the large proportion in total business structures and even in some cases, the single families control the most part of the larger corporates in modern society. For example, in Italian industrial section, 70% of industrial businesses have the employees fewer than 100 and similarly more than half of the manufacturing corporates only own fewer than 20 employees. While compared with other European countries, Italian businesses have fewer workers in industrial and manufacturing sections.
    Business structure in Canada
    In Canada, according to the business’s nature, location, finance and other elements, the corporate can choose three main business structures: sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. It is important to understand the corporation of business structuresplays a dominant role and is the most business structures in Canada economy.
    In comparison, there is a significant difference in the business structure between Canada and Italy. Due to the nature of family firms, the many organizations have to generate fund from internal family money and retained profits. When they need venture capital, so there is a disadvantage of family firms to keep a better ability to raise capital.
    Because of dereference in cultural business, the management and communication style will also different. 


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