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Case Study 課題研究代寫

    Note that all the analysis is undertaken with Stata.
    Task 1 (10 points) Data Collection, Summarization, and Visualization
     Case Study 課題研究代寫
    Obtain the return series by  and then provide the following description of the data.

    The mean of the return is 0.037%, which indicates a slightly positive return of AORD (ALL ORDINARIES). The standard deviation is 1.04%, namely 33 times of the average return, suggesting the return is highly volatile. The skewness and kurtosis both indicate the series departures from the traditional assumption of the normality, while the leptokurtic nature of financial series with high peaks and heavy tails is detected.

    Case Study 課題研究代寫
    The histogram and kernel density plots are listed below, which suggest the return series is skewed with high peaks. Namely the return is volatile, ranging from -4% to 4%. The descriptive features of the return are well grasped by the histogram and kernel density.
    Case Study 課題研究代寫
    Task 2 (10 points)
    The mean for the positive return group is 0.78%, with sample standard deviation0.65%.
    The mean for the positive return group is -0.80%, with sample standard deviation 0.72%.
    And the sample size for the first group is 577, the second group 510, with proportion of 53.08% and 46.92% respectively.
    Since the sample standard deviations of the two groups of volume are close, therefore the two sample comparison of means could be performed with the equal variance hypothesis. In the following hypothesis testing graph, the group 1 represents the observations with positive return while 0 negative return. For the hypothesis that “on the trading day when the All Ordinaries Index increases, the trading volume is larger than the trading day when the All Ordinaries Index decreases”, it is equivalent to difference of mean(0) and mean(1) less than 0. The correspondence p value is 0.1313, namely we cannot reject the null hypothesis that they are equal.  
    Case Study 課題研究代寫
    Task 3 (25 points)
    The regression model is fitted below, and the R-square of the model is 0.1304, with adjusted R-square 0.1296. The estimated equation is Xt=4193.598+0.4738t.
    Case Study 課題研究代寫
    The intercept of the model suggest the price of AORD has the constant price of 4193.598, while there is also a trend effect of 0.4738, namely the price series increase averagely 0.4738 a day.
     Case Study 課題研究代寫
    The Durbin Watson statistics is computed as to test the auto-


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