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    Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
    The Faculty of Business and Law is committed to ensuring academic integrity amongst its staff
    and students. Academic integrity is based on values of honesty, respect, fairness, trust and
    responsibility. These values are fundamental to our teaching and learning in the Faculty.
    Academic misconduct, including plagiarism, copying another student’s work and cheating in
    exams, is contrary to the values of academic integrity and is not tolerated in the university.
    University policy prohibits students plagiarising any material under any circumstances. A
    student plagiarises if he or she presents the thoughts or works of another as one's own.
    Without limiting the generality of this definition, it may include:
    Copying or paraphrasing material from any source without due acknowledgment;
    Using another's ideas without due acknowledgment;
    Working with others without permission and presenting the resulting work as though it was
    completed independently.
    Plagiarism is not only related to written works, but also to material such as data, images, music,
    formulae, web sites and computer programs. Aiding another student to plagiarise is also a
    violation of the Plagiarism Policy and may invoke a penalty.
    For further information on the University policy on plagiarism, please refer to the Policy on
    Student Academic Integrity at the following link -
    Academic Honesty Module
    All students must complete the online Academic Honesty Module prior to submitting
    assignments. This module provides you with a self-paced online quiz to assist you to
    understand the principles and processes of academic integrity. When you log in to Blackboard
    you will be able to access the module entitled FBL ACADEMIC HONESTY MODULE PG. You
    can also directly enter this module site through your course site menu button named FBL
    Academic Honesty.
    You must tick the box on the Assignment Cover Sheet (Business and Law) to indicate that
    you have completed the Academic Honesty Module. For students who submit their
    assignments electronically and who do not provide a signed coversheet, it will be assumed
    that you have completed the Academic Honesty Module. You can revisit the Module throughout
    your course, as necessary, to remind yourself of the requirements. For more details on
    plagiarism, see the Blackboard site “Important University Policies and Academic Honesty
    If you do not have access to this Blackboard site, please email
    The policy on Student Academic Integrity can be accessed directly at:


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