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international human resource management代寫

    Detailed information on assessment tasks
    Research Essay:
    international human resource management代寫
    This is an individual research essay that requires you to examine in detail the important IHRM issue of managing
    and developing employees in an international setting. You need to take into account the needs of both expatriate
    and local employees.
    You need to explain why your topic is important for organisations and individuals from a practical perspective,
    and use theoretical concepts from the literature to develop ideas on how practices can be nest implemented or
    improved. You will find it helpful to draw on practical applications to do this.
    To complete this report you will need to read widely and draw your literature search from a broad range of
    international human resource management代寫
    Between  in addition to your textbook. 15 - 20 peer reviewed academic journal articles
    You can draw on Newspaper or trade journal articles or your own examples, but these need to be in
    addition to the peer reviewed articles.
    Your report is expected to be between 2000-2500 words in length and is to be submitted via Turnitin
    Case Study Analysis
    The case study and specific guidelines will be posted on Blackboard in weeks 4-5. Please incorporate feedback
    from the first assessment into your case report.
    In Class Interactive workshop:
    This assignment is designed to challenge you! HR practices vary quite significantly from one country to the next
    and are influenced by numerous social, political, technological, economic and other factors. In groups of four to
    six people, you need to focus on the HR practices in two designated countries (as determined in class in session
    There are three parts to these workshops.
    international human resource management代寫
    In the first part, half of your group will present a 15-25 minute short workshop/presentation to the class.
    You will be expected to describe the main HR practices in
    one of your designated countries, relate these to the IR system(s) in that country, identify some of the
    factors that have influenced the emergence of these HR/IR practices and provide some examples to
    demonstrate the main points you are making. It is expected that some component of this workshop will be
    interactive in nature as this enables participants to better engage with what is being said.
    In the second part of the workshop, the remaining group members will do exactly the same thing in
    relation to your other designated country.
    international human resource management代寫
    In the third part of the workshop, the whole group will collaborate and together facilitate the remaining
    class members to actively compare and contrast the HR/IR systems of the two countries that are being
    examined. There are numerous ways in which this can be done. Some ideas include (but are not limited
    to): using short comparative case studies; creating a quiz or other learning exercise; exploring the
    implications of posting an expat from each country to the other country. Please use your imagination and
    creativity to design something novel and interesting. Once again, a 15-25 minute timeframe is available for
    this part of the workshop.
    Because the workshops form an integral part of the learning processes for this unit, you need to attend and
    , not only your own participate in all of the workshops
    workshop. Your final mark for this piece of assessment will be determined by your own performance in your
    workshop,  by your participation in other workshops. Please check the marking guide under the ‘Assessment AND
    ’ tab on the FLECS/BB website for this unit for further information


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