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    Recommended Reading
    麥考瑞地區專業 代寫essay
    The following 3 reading series were published in core medical journals and contain in-depth
    information on critical appraisal and evidence-based practice.
    From the British Medical Journal (BMJ):
    • How to Read a Paper: The Basics of Evidence-Based Medicine
    麥考瑞地區專業 代寫essay
    Available at:
    • Evidence-Based Nursing Notebook
    Available at:
    From the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA):
    麥考瑞地區專業 代寫essay
    • User Guides to Medical Literature
    Available at:
    The following list of readings contains other comprehensive critical appraisal resources varying
    in scope and written from many different perspectives:
    Benos DJ, Basharia E, Chaves J, Gaggar A, Kapoor N, LaFrance M. et al. The ups and downs of
    peer review. Adv Physiol Educ 2007;31:145-152.
    Ciliska D, Thomas H, Buffett C. An Introduction to Evidence-Informed Public Health and a
    Compendium of Critical Appraisal Tools for Public Health Practice. Hamilton, ON:
    National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools; 2008. Available at:
    Crombie IK. The Pocket Guide to Critical Appraisal: A Handbook for Health Care
    Professionals. London: BMJ Publishing Group; 1996.
    Hill A, Spittlehouse C. What is critical appraisal? What is… series. 2001;3(2):1-8. Available at:
    Kahan B, Goodstadt M. References to Assess Sources of Evidence for Health Promotion, Public
    Health and Population Health. IDM Best Practices Web site. Available at:
    Kittle JW, Parker R. How to Read a Scientific Paper. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona; 2006.
    Available at:
    Loney P, Chambers L, Bennett K, Roberts J, Stratford P. Critical appraisal of the health research
    literature: prevalence or incidence of a health problem. Chronic Dis Can 2000;19(4):1-
    13. Available at:
    Critical Appraisal of Research Evidence 101
    Page 15 of 16
    Critical Appraisal of Research Evidence 101
    Page 16 of 16
    Lumley J, Daly J. In praise of critical appraisal. Aust N Z J Public Health, 2006;30(4):303.
    Available at:
    Ontario Public Health Libraries Association. Literature Searching for Evidence: A Reading List.
    Toronto, ON: OPHLA; 2007. Available at:
    Rychetnik L, Frommer M. A Schema for Evaluating Evidence on Public Health Interventions.
    Syndney, Australia: University of Sydney; 2002. Available at:


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