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墨爾本代寫business tourist assignment essay 論文 作業

    Evaluation of my experiences in service market
    1. Introduction
    In this research, two experiences of mine, a satisfying experience and a dissatisfying experience, offered by two different service providers, hotel and bank have been evaluated. The profile of the services and service expectations, service encounters, future service behavior and recommendations have been discussed in this research.
    2. Analysis and discussion
    2.1. Experience One
    l  Profile of service
    In the holiday of last year, I visited Beijing. Before the travel, I ordered one room in a hotel of Beijing. In this case, the service organization is the hotel. This hotel locates in the outskirts of Beijing and its target customers are the people with lower income. Therefore, the prices of this hotel are not high. The services I obtained from this organization include that I could rest in the room and get directions about travelling and bus. According to the Lovelock’s classification of services, the service offered by the hotel is the service directed at people’s bodies. In this service, people are the recipients and there are tangible actions.   
    l  Service expectation
    Before reaching this hotel, I expected that I could check in successfully when I arrived at the hotel and have a good rest in the room ordered by me on the Internet. Secondly, I expected that the employees in the hotel could communicate with me politely and help me solve some problems effectively. Finally, I predicted that the infrastructure in the hotel would be much excellent. The main factors which influenced these respective expectations could be divided into three parts. In the first place, my past experience led to my expectations and predictions. I visited Beijing in 2005 and had lived in a hotel for more than ten days. In this experience, the waiters in the hotel were polite and helped my effectively. Therefore, I predicted that the employees in this hotel could be polite and helpful. In addition, many friends told me that by ordering the rooms on the Internet, they got their rooms in this hotel easily. The words from others promoted me to believe that I could check in successfully by ordering room on the Internet. Thirdly, this hotel promised in the advertisement it could offer high quality service and its infrastructure was excellent. Therefore, the explicit service promises from the hotel promoted me to think that the quality of the room could be very good. By analyzing the desired service and adequate service, my zone of tolerance is that this hotel did not offer me comprehensive services and room with excellent hardware.  
    l  Consumer experience
    In the process of making decisions, the promises, including both explicit service promises and implicit service promises, from the service providers are focused on by me. In most cases, the service organizations could put their promises into practice. At present, with the development of information technology, the enterprises could let the customer know their promises easily. Therefore, the promises could be used by the customers to evaluate the different service organizations in the process of making decisions.
    In the evaluation of services, two aspects will be focused on by me. In the first place, whether the promises of the organization have been put into practice will be evaluated. Sometimes, if the promises of the organization could not be put into practice, the customers would feel angry even if the service quality of the service organization is not bad (Bitner, 1995). In addition, the comprehensive feelings in the consumption will be evaluated.   


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