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MQ 麥考瑞代寫 australia-japan relations

     The New Patter of Australia-Japan Relations
    Introduction MQ 麥考瑞代寫 
    After entering the new millennium, judging by the increasing proportion between Australia and China, commentators view the new political policy as a downplay-act toward the important relationship with another Asian country, Japan. This essay is trying to disagree with this opinion and re-explain the relation between Australia and Japan. The first part of the essay will have a review on the cooperation and relationship between Australia and Japan in the past fifty years. This part will mostly focus on the bilateral trading. In addition, trading between Australia and China also will be discussed to formulate a relation pattern, based on which we will scrutinize the situation more clearly through compare. After this, the essay will offer a perspective which views this changed relationship as not the ignorance suggested by the commentator. This second part actually will redefine the new type of cooperation between these two Asian countries. The cooperation shifted from economy toward security and political appeal. Then the essay will reason about why new type of synergic force will shape the formation of the new relation. Several new aspects such as the cooperation on security and the sustainable development will be discussed respectively in this part.
    The relation patter in the past MQ 麥考瑞代寫 
    The important relationship between Australia and Japan started with trading. The most important trading contract was signed in 1950s. Two countries stepped into a reciprocal age which significantly counts on trade. Then into the 1970s, the Australia-Japan relations strengthened and expanded. This inevitably influenced by those international emergencies and the radical policy change made by the United States at that time. And at the mean time, which also will be particularly discussed later in this essay is that Australian and Japanese diplomacy commenced paying political attention to each other. Hence the bilateral economic relations basically established. The signing of the NARA Treaty was a cornerstone symbolized the complementary and equal relationship between the two countries. [1]The treaty improved the mutual recognition not only the in trading industry but also in the public awareness. It sets a few cooperative appointments in communication and collaboration. Australia and Japan give each other’s citizen convenience in temporary residence, travel and business, for the most important, the nondiscrimination treatment. Thirty years after the signing of this treatment, some Australian scholar suggested that the equal relation in economic and politics brought by this structural agreement is still creating strong and positive influence on both two countries.
    The 1980s and the 1990s, the world changed so rapidly during these two decades. But the trade between Australia and Japan steadily rise and get into flourish status. For example, from 1990 to1999, Japan’s exports to Australia keeps an annual growth rate at 2.2%, and 1.4% each year for import. On the other hand, those for Australia’s export and import are 0.6% and 2.1%. [2]Once it turn into the twenty-one century, the cooperation once again move forward. It has been expanded into a full-scale cooperation include not only the trade but also in a summit political level.
    In 2002, the Japanese minister, Junichiro Koizumi, visited Australia. [3]The two sides issued a joint statement about the bilateral trade. As Japan holds restraining policy in different domestic industries mostly involve raw material such as coal, ore, aluminum and petroleum. So it has to be depends on the large scale import from Australia. The motivation of this visit is aim at the more expansive free trade. For example the agriculture trade will obtain more recognition and be promoted. During the visit, Junichiro Koizumi and Howard as well talked about the security cooperation which will be launched later. From now on, the tendency of cooperation shows up. Cooperation between two countries turned into a more political way.

    [1] Peter Drysdale “Did the NARA Treaty Make a Difference,” Australian Journal of International Affairs116,no.4(2006): 490-505
    [2] Report on Japan-Australia Stronger Economic Relations, (accessed March, 2001.)
    [3]‘Joint Press Statement by Prime Minister John Howard and Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.’ (accessed March, 2013)


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