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2013年部分代寫論文 Health and Wellbeing in the Early Y

    Health and Wellbeing in the Early Years
    A blood disease is a kind of illness that stem from blood.(Wikipedia).Since first clinically observed in 1981 in the United States, HIV has become a problem seriously affecting the health of human beings, especially the infants who get the virus from their mothers. During 2010, 1.8 million people died of AIDS. Children’s death of HIV has taken 70% of that. Every hour, almost 30 children die in one hour caused by AIDS due to the shortage of effective and proper HIV treatments.
    Children with HIV infected through their mother’s pregnancy, delivery or breastfeeding can take up 90 percent. UNAIDS (2010) 'UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic' .According to this, as to reduce the number of children, who get the virus, several methods may be come up with:
    Firstly, women who have reached to the age of giving birth to a baby can be offered services which contain reproductive service, health care and delivery test. As known to all, a HIV rapid test such as OraQuick just takes 20-30 minutes, if there is a confirmed positive diagnosis, an appropriate counseling must be provided for them. Secondly, do not participate in unprotected sexual intercourse.  Neither needles nor syringes can be reused. Intravenous drugs that are not prescribed by doctors are not allowed to take. Moreover abuse of alcohol or recreational drugs should be prohibited. They are all the effective approach for preventing HIV infections. Individuals and relevant medical corporations should highlight the spreading sources for HIV virus.
    Learning the importance of this issue is imperative for the educators in the early childhood tutorials. The health and wellbeing of children should be taken into account from the potential infection control such as HIV. Treatments should be provided by hospitals and governments. Cooperation between parents and patients should be given more attention. Meanwhile the psychological change of children with infection should not be ignored. Tutorials for educator should be complete and overall including the practical involvement of HIV infection study.
    The tutorials of health of early childhood can be divided into several phases. The study of the health of children should be committed and considered according to the potential infection children may get. The wellbeing of children is not a one way issue, which should cover other affecting factors such as living condition of the family and psychological change of both parents and children. The study can provide important guidance for the improvement of policy for early children heath care.
    Tutorial should not neglect the importance of environmental elements such as the living condition, medical condition and infection conditions. Relatives and parents should create a totally safe environment for children to avoid the infection of virus. Society should provide relevant tutorial for educators to improve the health care of children. For educators, not only should they pay attention to the health of children with potential influence of infection, but also they should focus their attention on the controllable changing elements of children, such as age, cognition and psychology and social interactions.


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