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論文Functions of Bank and Aims of Supervision 代寫

    Executive summary

    This report discusses the roles banks play in economy and the aims of prudential supervision. To illustrate the main ideas, a famous case of Barings Bank is employed in this report. The roles that Barings Bank plays in the economy and its collapse because of lack of prudential supervision will be analyzed in detail. The information about Barings Bank including the analysis is from the reliable reference resource. The main findings of this discussion are that banks play a crucial role in economy and the prudential supervision is essential to guarantee the normal operation of banks. The regulator needs to establish better regulation system and the banks needs to comply with the regulations.



    Banks play a crucial role in the development of economy. Banks can provide capital and financial services to people and business. On the other hand, national banks provide services to larger business, government, and international customers. Banks invest widely around the world, therefore playing an important role in the development of the world. Meanwhile, to guarantee the effective operation of banks, prudential supervision is necessary (Mishkin, 2001).The responsibility of regulation authority is to establish perfect laws and regulations on financial supervision.
    To illustrate the different roles banks play in economic development and the aims of prudential supervision, this report considers Barings Bank, a very famous multi-national bank. Barings bank provided consumers, government, and other business with lines of credit, bank accounts, and various financial services. As of 1993, Barings Bank was successfully operate across the world.however,a trader only 28 years old in the branch of Singapore destroyed the financial giant overnight. The report will analyze the reason of the bankruptcy in the light of prudential supervision.
    The remainder of the paper is organized as follows. Firstly,the report provides a discussion of the topics, then it gives out the conclusion and recommendation.



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