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    Executive summary

    Hershey’s Kisses chocolates are one of the most popular brands. The popularity is so huge that their slogan is made as “EVERYDAY DESERVES A KISS. The report points out suppliers can pose no threats to Hershey and that the target market should be young children, athletes and older people and so on. Micro and macro environment are key to its development. Proper positioning and differentiation can improve its sales and promote its customers’ satisfaction.


    The marketing strategy is made on the basis of a company’s micro and macro environment. For the success of a company, it is necessary to make effective decisions due to its competitive advantages. The report uses qualitative methods to analyze Hershey’s environment, target market and STP. Limitations of the report lie in that due to the lack of quantitative methods, the accuracy of the analysis is doubtful and that on-the-spot investigation is still necessary.


    The Hershey Company has begun to produce chocolate bars since 1900 and now it sells a wide variety of chocolate confections and many other kinds of sweets. As the largest manufacturer of chocolate and sweet products in North America, Hershey has more than 15,000 employees (Zimmerman, 1993). Hershey also exports its products to more than ninety countries.
    Industry trends of Hershey Company include several aspects. First of all, due to increasing global demand, international expansion is a big opportunity. Secondly, premium and dark chocolates have grown fast. Thirdly, Hershey can restructure initiative promises so as to promote its savings. Hershey falls behind its competitors in the aspect of operating margins.


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