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臥龍崗代寫essay assignment 作業論文

    l  Service encounter
    When I checked in, I asked the waiters about the room ordered by me. The waiter stated that the room ordered by me had been occupied by other customers. Astonishingly, the waiter argued that the hotel never ensure that the customers ordering on the Internet could check in successfully. In general, the hotel did not recognize their mistakes in the work and apologize to me. Seriously, it is eleven o’clock in night when I reached this hotel. Hardly could I find another hotel easily in the outskirts of a city. Therefore, under this environment, I had no choice but to order another room in this hotel. However, the waiter said there were no standard rooms and discount rooms at that time. In other words, I had to order the deluxe room with high prices. After checking in, I found that the quality of the so called “deluxe room” is not so good. I argued with the managers of hotel about the quality in my room. However, I could not get satisfying answers In this case, the incident was serious. According to the classification of four themes of service encounter satisfaction/dissatisfaction, my encounter could be viewed as the unsatisfactory encounter in Theme 1, recovery.    臥龍崗代寫essay
    l  Future service behavior
    The irresponsibility of this hotel caused a lot of troubles to me. In my future patronage of the hotel, three important factors will be taken into consideration by me. In the first place, the employees of the organization could answer the questions of the customers politely and solve the problems faced by customers effectively (Zhang & He, 2012). In addition, the service organization should respect the rights and benefits of the customers and should not cause problems to the customers due to their own mistakes. Especially, when there are some conflicts between service organization and the customers, the organization could evaluate the situations from the perspectives of the customers. Thirdly, the quality of service offered by the organization should relate with the prices organization charge for the customers. If not, the poor service quality will decrease my satisfaction, especially when the prices are relatively high.  臥龍崗代寫essay
    2.2. Experience Two
    l  Profile of service
    In the summer of 2012, I lost my bank card issued by ICBC, a famous state-owned bank in China. Seriously, I lost my ID card with the band card together. Therefore, I went to a branch of ICBC to report the loss immediately. If not, the money in my bank account might be stole by others. The branch of ICBC located in the center of my hometown. Although the employees in this branch were limited, their working burden was very heavy since the number of customers in this branch was great. According to the Lovelock’s classification of services, in this case, the service I got from the bank is the services directed at intangible assets. In this service, the processions are the recipients and there are intangible actions. Depending on the continuum of evaluation for different types of products, the service could be put into the category with high credence qualities.   


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