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FIT9003 Database Systems Design 代寫

    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  1  Assignment Two
    Faculty of Information Technology
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design
    Assignment Two
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  代寫
    Semester 1, 2013
    Assignment Overview
    For Assignment Two, you will be given access to a database for the Computer Guys
    computer repair franchise. You will write a number of SQL commands, based on
    various business questions. The database schema is available to you both within SQL
    Server Management Studio, as well as attached to this assignment. You have been
    provided with two versions of the model – one (a kind of logical model) showing the
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  代寫
    entities and relationships only using the notation we’ve used in class, and the second
    physical model as implemented in SQL Server showing all of the attributes and data
    For information about software that you can use to do work on this assignment away
    from the Monash computer labs, see the link on the Moodle homepage.
    Assignment Due Date and Submission
    For on-campus students, the assignment is due at the start of the lecture in Week 12
    (Wednesday, 29 th May). Assignments should be submitted on CD or USB drive,
    along with a signed coversheet.
    For off-campus students, the assignment should be submitted before 11.55pm
    (Australian Eastern Standard Time), Sunday 2 nd June (the Sunday at the end of Week
    12). The assignment should be submitted by email to Felix Lizama
    Assignment Value
    This assignment is worth 10% of the marks available for the unit.
    Learning Objectives
    Successful completion of this assignment will lead to knowledge of and skills in:
    • Interpreting business questions in a way that will allow them to be answered
    using a relational database.
    • Interpreting a supplied data model
    • Writing DDL and DML SQL commands.
    The Case
    Computer Guys is a franchised computer equipment sales and repair company.
    Contractors are signed on to conduct repairs for customers and are supported by a
    small number of employees at Computer Guys’ office in Melbourne. The company
    provides facilities and parts ordering, as well as a diagnostics unit to support the
    contractors repair jobs.
    Contractors are encouraged to refer customers to each other if they have too heavy a
    workload or feel that someone else has better specialist skills in a particular area. In
    Monash University  Faculty of Information Technology
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  2  Assignment Two
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  代寫
    other words, the contractor who carries out a particular repair may or may not be the
    contractor who referred the customer to the Computer Guys service.
    Repair work may or may not be for warranty-based service (ie free to the customer),
    but where it is not, the customer is charged the sale price for each part used in the
    repair, as well as a standard fee for each kind of repair work done (each repair may
    consist of several kinds of repair work).
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  代寫
    Parts are purchased on a regular basis by purchasing officers from a range of
    suppliers, and are either used for repair work, or sold directly to customers by sales
    clerks. Occasionally, a consultant will send a suspected-faulty part to a technician for
    a diagnostic test. If it’s faulty, it will either be repaired by the technician, or
    The database is being hosted on our Microsoft SQL Server host The username/password is fit9003/fit9003. The
    database name is ComputerGuys.
    1. Write SQL commands to create the Repairs tables. There are seven tables and
    you should write seven SQL commands. Include attribute constraints as
    required, including foreign key constraints, except for relationships to tables
    not in Repairs. Simply treat those foreign key attributes as normal attributes.
    For this task, you may create your own blank database to experiment with the
    2. Write SQL queries to answer the following questions. Where reference is
    made to a customer, contractor or employee, include as a minimum their name
    and email address with the result set.
    For this task, use the real ComputerGuys database to write your queries. Be
    sure to save your work as you go!
    a. For each contractor, which repairs have they carried out where they were
    not also the referring contractor?
    b. For each technician, how many of each diagnosis outcomes has that
    technician diagnosed?
    c. For each part, what is the average total customer purchase order cost
    where that part appears on the order?
    d. List all customers who have not placed a customer purchase order.
    e. Determine which contractors use the most expensive part that is actually
    used in repairs. ‘Most expensive,’ in this case, refers to the most
    expensive part for computer guys to purchase. Note that there are some
    parts that have never been used in a repair.
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  代寫
    f. What is the average charge made to customers for non-warranty repair
    Monash University  Faculty of Information Technology
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  3  Assignment Two
    g. For each contractor, what is the average number of repair activities in a
    repair they have carried out for each customer?
    For example, if a contractor has carried out three repairs for
    Customer A (with 2, 1 and 6 activities in each repair) and two repairs
    for Customer B (with 6 and 4 activities), you should return two results
    for that contractor: Customer A: 3; Customer B: 5.
    h. Which customers have placed customer purchase orders where the order
    total is below the average?
    Submit your assignment as a single document on CD/USB (or attached to an email for
    off-campus students).
    For Task 1:
    • List the commands that you have written.
    For Task 2:
    • List the query commands, and
    • Include a screen-shot of the results from your query (usually done via
    <shift>+<PrintScrn> and then pasting from the clipboard)
    Each query command must be in standard text (ie. it should be possible to copy and
    paste the text into SQL Server Management Studio to execute the query). It should
    not just be part of the screen-shot.
    Marking Scheme
    There are a total of 15 SQL commands outlined in the tasks above. One mark will be
    given for each correctly written command, for a total of 15 marks. Half marks may
    be awarded where shortcuts have been taken (such as hardcoding primary key values,
    or using the ordering of results to provide an answer, rather than the appropriate SQL
    function) or the query doesn’t quite work but it is almost there.
    Extensions/Special Consideration
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  代寫
    Applications for extension and/or special consideration must be made to your lecturer
    prior to the due date, using the Faculty Special Consideration Application form. All
    applications must be supported by documentation. Extensions will not be granted for
    assignment workload in other units, employment workload (except in the case of a
    sudden, unanticipated change of circumstance), or any other situation which could
    reasonably said to have been foreseen.
    Plagiarism and Collusion
    Note that this is an individual assignment. Whilst general collaboration between
    students in terms of understanding of SQL concepts is acceptable, the assignment and
    the solution contained in it must be your own work.
    You must not:
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  代寫
    • Use another student’s work as the basis for your own.
    Monash University  Faculty of Information Technology
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  4  Assignment Two
    • Use another student’s work to help ‘give you ideas’
    • Steal, appropriate or make use of the work of another student without their
    • Lend your work to another student for any reason
    • Use the ideas, words or other intellectual property of anyone without
    proper attribution.
    Penalties for plagiarism and/or collusion can include formal reprimands, notes being
    attached to your student file, failure in the assignment, failure in the unit or even
    suspension or exclusion from the university. See the Unit Guide for more information
    on plagiarism and cheating, and for links to Faculty and University policies on this
    Sales & Inventory
    Contractor Customer Employee
    Carry out
    Repair Type
    Repair Activity
    Repair Part
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  代寫
    Used Part
    FIT9003 Database Systems Design  代寫
    Order Item
    Carry out
    Parts Order
    Parts Order
    Computer Guys Logical Database Model


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