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代寫 Microeconomic Phenomenon

    Telstra, one of the main telecommunication service provider in Australia, always offers packages such as "Mobile phones and plans". Customers can choose the telecommunication packages of "S" or"M" like choosing clothes in the shopping center. By providing this kind of plans to customers, Telstra can develope a loyal customer base and bigger profit. This text will make an analysis on this kind of microeconomic phenomenon. First it will explain the concrete content of the package and function fo the plan. Following this the paper will discuss influential factors of cost and then make a brief introduction of this telecommunication market. Finally it will look at effects of the government regulations.
    Function of the plans
    With phones, especially iPhone, the package seems to be so attractive. Take the "S" one for example, it consists of Unlimited Text and 1GB Data. If one sign a 2-year contact with Telstra, it means the customer will get the value of the package mentioned before and has to consume at least $50 per month using his or her own phone, or minimum $60, then two years later the named phone will the customer’s. Seemingly, the customer gets a phone much cheaper but the total expense will be at least $1512 within two years. However people involved in the plan should use the stated teleservices.
    The output of this service is the increased scale of customer base and interest[1]. As for input, phone involved in the plans is considered as the main one. Besides, marketing and publicity as well as other modules related are important ones as input. To convert input into output, plans should be made and attracting customers to sign a contract about the plan is critical. Customers use the service and company makes profit.


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