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代寫 Resource Management and Power---A case study of CNPC

    Definition, use and management of resources constitute a very important part of the daily operations of a corporation, particularly corporations that work in resources industry. They put great emphasis on the management of resources in order to serve their fundamental interests such as survival and promoting further development (1. Brian Becker and Barry Gerhart 1996). Generally speaking, the aim for the resource management is to make the use and consumption of resources more efficient and effective under the goal of long-term development and sustainability, which requires the both civil society, government and corporations to take this into account. Managers of resources must be well aware of the social, economic and environmental implications of their strategy and actions when managing resource issues ( Johannes Ullrich, Jan Wieseke and Rolf Van Dick, 2005). However, the real practice is much more complex that it is theoretically due to various outside intervention forces. Talking about resources or the management of them cannot be separately dealt with without a relational understanding of power and the role power plays in the managing process as power is, to some degree, is a kind of resources itself and the dominant force or tool that has a great, if not final, saying about the resource management issue (Donald Ludwig, Ray Hilborn, Carl Walters, 1993). This research essay aims to analyze and delve into the power and the role it plays in and the relation with the resource management through a case study of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). 


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