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ACCT2213 Accounting in organisations and Society代寫

    ACCT2213 Accounting in organisations and Society
    Assignment - Semester 1, 2013
    This assessment is to be submitted via Blackboard
    This assessment needs to be submitted via Blackboard, no submissions will be taken in class or via  other means. A non-submission will result in a grade of zero (0)
    All answers need to be recorded in Blackboard
    The questions following give an indication as to the mode of answer that is to be given in blackboard. You will only be able to enter blackboard once, so ensure you have your answers prepared before you open the assignment portal.
    You are required to obtain the 2012 Annual Financial Report for Wesfarmers Ltd and then answer the following questions. Pay particular attention to the information provided in the notes to the financial statements as you will find a lot of useful information in them that may help with some of the questions.

    Question 1 (1 mark)
    Describe the company’s principal operating activities that generated the most revenue. (Multiple choice answer)
    Retail activities
    Farming and Agriculture
    Energy and mining
    Question 2a (1 mark)
    An auditing firm will have received remuneration for their services.  Who were the Auditing firm in 2012?
    (Fill in the Blank) Ensure your spelling is correct
    Question 2b (1 mark)
    What other services (besides audit) did the auditing firm provide for the company in 2012?
    (Multiple fill in the Blank) use the order that they are listed in the report
    Question 3 (1 mark)
    Describe the purpose of the external auditor’s report.
    (Multiple choice answer)
    To ensure the financial report is error free
    To determine if the business is solvent
    To give an assurance, that the reports represent a true and fair view of the financial activities of the business.
    To ensure that there has been no fraudulent financial activities in the business.
    Question 4a (1 mark)
    Using the 2012 Annual Report, Identify the number of the note that deals with Significant Accounting Policies. (Fill in the blank)
    Question 4b  (1 mark)
    Identify the method of depreciation the company uses to depreciate their tangible non-current assets. (Multiple choice answer)
    Straight line method
    Reducing balance method
    Units of use
    Accelerated depreciation
    Question 5 (1 mark)
    The amounts shown in the financial reports are rounded.  Identify how the amounts in the 2012 financial report for this company are rounded. (Multiple choice answer)
    Nearest dollar
    Nearest thousand
    Nearest million
    Nearest billion
    Question 6 (2 mark)
    Briefly explain why you believe the amounts shown in the financial reports are rounded in this way. (Multiple answer) Select 2 from the list below:
    The numbers are easier to read if they are rounded this way.
    The report looks neater and the columns are not as wide.
    Report is internal so doesn’t need to be detailed. Exact detail is not necessarily required, for management decision making.
    ASIC class order 98/100 allows the company to round amounts in this way.
    Rounding increases the speed at which the report can be prepared. It is not important for everything to balance.
    Exact detail is not necessarily required, for investment decision making. Report is external so doesn’t need to be detailed.
    Details like dollars and cents aren't used by investment decision makers, they are more concerned with the Auditors report and directors report, to be interested in monetary details.

    Question 7 (1 mark)
    The annual report contains a number of reports with only some of these being ‘financial reports’.  Name all of the financial reports shown for this company in the 2012 annual report. (Multiple fill in the blanks) Ensure your spelling is correct and you use the same order as in the report
    Question 8a  (1 mark)
    Directors of the company will often own shares in the company as well.  Identify the name of the chairman of the board of directors. (Multiple choice answer)
    Terry Bowen
    Richard Goyder
    Colin Carter
    James Graham
    Diane Smith-Gander
    Robert Every
    Charles Macek
    Tony Howarth
    Wayne Osbourne
    Vanessa Wallace
    Question 8b  (1 mark)
     Identify the number of shares the chairman held in the company at the end of their 2012 financial year. (Fill in the blank)  Do not use commas
    Question 9 (1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5 marks)
    Using the consolidated figures for Wesfarmers Ltd, calculate the following ratios for the years 2010 and 2011. (Multiple fill in the blanks) Ratios are to be shown to three decimal places.                                        
      2012 2011
    Current ratio     
    Acid test ratio     
    Gearing ratio     
    Interest cover ratio    
    Return on equity    
    Question 10 (1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 marks)
    You have been provided with the following information about a hypothetical company, Company X, in the same industry as Wesfarmers Ltd:
    Ratio 2012 2011
    Current ratio (times) 1.350 1.280
    Acid test ratio 0.261 0.242
    Gearing ratio % 32.125 24.089
    Interest coverage  ratio (times) 7.510 6.215
    Return On Equity % 11.501 10.981
    Using the information above and the calculations in question 9, you are required to:
    Analyse the liquidity and financial gearing (leverage) of Wesfarmers Ltd and Company X by providing:
    (a)          A description of the movement in each of the ratios for Wesfarmers Ltd; (Multiple Choice)
    Current Ratio:                   Increase/Decrease?
    Acid test Ratio:                 Increase/Decrease?
    Gearing Ratio:                  Increase/Decrease?
    Interest coverage ratio (times):      Increase/Decrease?
    Return On Equity:                    Increase/Decrease?

    (b)          A description of the movement in each of the ratios for Company X; (Multiple Choice)
    Current Ratio:                   Increase/Decrease?
    Acid test Ratio:                 Increase/Decrease?
    Gearing Ratio:                  Increase/Decrease?
    Interest coverage ratio (times):      Increase/Decrease?
    Return On Equity:                    Increase/Decrease?
    (c)          Analysing the two companies ratios indicate which company has the preferable liquidity from a creditors point of view (multiple choice)
    Wesfarmers Ltd
    Company X
    (d)          Referring the ratios again indicate which company is more heavily geared? (multiple choice)
    Wesfarmers Ltd
    Company X
    Question 11 (4 marks)
    Assume you are considering becoming an investor for Wesfarmers Ltd or Company X (from Question 10 above).  That is, you will only be investing in one of them. Explain which company you would prefer to put all your money into and why you have chosen this company. You may consider both financial and non-financial information in making this decision. (Multiple answers) Select 4 from the list below.
    • Company X, as it has a preferable liquidity position
    • Wesfarmers Ltd, as it has a preferable liquidity position
    • Company X, has a higher return on equity
    • Wesfarmers has a better return on equity.
    • There is still not enough information to determine accurately which company is better but I would go with Wesfarmers, as their interest coverage is better than Company X.
    • I would be lending to Wesfarmers based on the current ratio as it is lower.
    • Company X has a safer current ratio
    • I would invest in Wesfarmers as the company have been operating longer and are a listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange)
    • The gearing of Wesfarmers changed only a little indicating stability
    • The gearing of Company x increased indicating the company is expanding, which will mean possible greater returns to me in the future
    • Both would be good to invest in.
    • The financial report of Wesfarmers looked very comprehensive and colourful.
    ASSIGNMENT TOTAL – 25  Marks converted to 20 for final results


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