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    China’s rock music and Culture in The 1980s

    1. Introduction
    In 1950s, rock music officially appeared in the United States as a kind of popular music. Since it met the requirements of young people in America, it got a quickly development. Then with irresistible trend, rock music swept to the world, it also hit an unprecedented sale in the music market. With the “Reform and Open” policy in Deng’s Era in China, the Chinese citizens got a chance to get to connect to the world, especially in the culture perspective. The moment when Cui Jian blasted out the song “I Have Nothing”(yiwusuo you) in 1986, China’s rock music was bought into being. The import of the rock music had a considerable impact on China’s rock music development. In the following essay, the question why rock music appeared and could be survived in China is proposed at first. The emergence of this music was not simply dependent on its unique musical style. A number of cultural factors appeared in the specific social environment also contributed to the China’s rock music. So the reasons of the emergence of China’s rock music will also be discussed in this essay.
    1. The emergence of China’s rock music
    Although the “Reform and Open” policy brought many benefits to Chinese people which could not be neglected. Because of the not equal occupational competition, the unemployment rate was in the other hand increased. Many young people were facing the problem of unemployment. They needed to find a way to release their anger and unpleasant. The style of the rock music was an extremely fantastic way for them to set free. What is more, China’s new culture was not satisfied with only criticizing the old world and it was intended to build a new one. Chinese youth were very anxious about finding a solution for the country and finally to call for more freedom (Seymour, 1980). The moment when Cui Jian blasted out the song “I have nothing”, China’s rock music brought into being.After that, many rock musicians produced a lot of rock music songs which were popular among people. The lyrics were mainly about revealing the reality of the society and also release personal feelings.
    1. The analyses of China’s rock music emergence
    Why rock music could be survived in China’s music market? As mentioned a little bit before that this kind of music style could assist people to release feelings and emotions easily. And also, William(1995) stated that the contemporary changes of culture should not be separated from the existing context. Rock music is of course a product, and it could be considered as a fresh and new product contributed to the culture in China in 1980s. William(1995) also defined culture as a study of relationship between elements in a whole way of life while analysis of culture was attempt to discover the nature of the organization which is the complex of these relationships. Rock music was considered as a quite important part of culture expression. The reason why China in 1980s changed quite a lot included the change of mass culture, and rock music is one of the most powerful weapons to change the mass culture. The reason why China’s rock music could be survived is not only the cultural perspective, there are still some other factors in relation to this. In the following, the other contexts will also be discussed.


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