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    澳大利亞代寫  Essay In discussing whether nuclear power does more harm than good it is necessary to examine a number of arguments for and against before making a decision. These arguments involve assessing the relative merits of nuclear power and conventional, or coal or oil generated, power in the areas of cost, safety and pollution.
     澳大利亞代寫  Essay
    In terms of cost, nuclear power is cheap. Admittedly building nuclear power stations is expensive but running costs are low and the fuel costs are cheaper than for conventional power. The cost of fossil fuels is high and these will one day be depleted. When considering issues of safety, accidents at nuclear power stations are rare, although it is often disastrous when these occur. It can further be argued that nuclear weapons represent a more serious and effective threat compared to conventional weapons with the important difference that the former are seldom actually used.
     澳大利亞代寫  Essay
    Another reason why nuclear power does not do more harm than good is the case of pollution. Nuclear power does not cause pollution in its day to day running. Using conventional energy such as burning fossil fuels causes widespread pollution every day. Many people die each year from respiratory diseases caused by air pollution. Therefore the consequences of this can be more disastrous in the long term than a nuclear accident. Oil spills is another frequent disaster to the environment and wildlife caused by the use of fossil fuels.
    Nevertheless, there are some common arguments against the use of nuclear power. One of the main arguments against nuclear power relates to the issue of safety. When there is an accident at a nuclear power station, contamination can spread far and wide. One of the worst disasters of this kind took place in Chernobyl in Russia in the 1980’s. When an accident occurs at a conventional power station it usually only causes local damage. Another safety issue is the disposal of nuclear waste. The disposal is an expensive and often lengthy procedure, the waste often being transported across the world causing strong protests among anti-nuclear movements. A final argument against nuclear power is one of uncertainty and insufficient knowledge. Scientists are still discovering new side-effects on man and the environment.


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