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    The trading with China
    Now, a glance of the relationship with another country is needed. China is Australia's biggest trading partner right now. China largely imports the similar goods from Australia as Japan. China exports usually concentrated on garments, toys and communication devices. Obviously, there is a complementary property in this bilateral trading. When looking back to the close history, there were initial fears of Chinese investment in the resource sector similar to the sentiments on Japanese investments in Australia in the 1980s. But after the professional assessment and the profit it yielded, the investment started to be recognized. Later on when the examining has been through a period of time, both the benefit and the assessment give assurance to this win-win cooperation. In 2011, the amount of bilateral trade rise to $105 billion. Australia's exports to China reached $64.8 billion, while China's export to Australia was worth A$41.1 billion in 2010-2011 period. [1]The pattern of cooperation between Australia and its trade partners, both Japan and China, was described as a kind of complementary relation. The complementary relation was first be raised by Cooper in his work ‘The Economics of Interdependence’.[2] He noted that the relation as well brings restriction and tension. He also stressed that there always be the interaction between at least ‘several’ countries.[3] After Cooper, more and more scholars take serious consideration about the interdependence among the whole linked group of country instead of merely bilateral relation. Such relations between Australia and its partners also need a multilateral perspective.
     UoN 紐卡斯爾代寫
    The evolved relationship and the multi-interaction
    So when the Australia-China trade was under discussion, it should give way to the political discussion, not only the political relations with China, but also those close partners such as Japan. The transformation of the cooperation with Japan obviously has shifted from trade to political and security cooperation. When step back into the discussion of Australia-Japan political relation it will be a clear-cut that the how cooperation manner transformed. From the agenda listed out by Shearer. 
    The most comprehensible acting is strengthening the G-20 and leveraging the APEC. These operations showed an inevitable tendency of globalization. If the reason could be explained as the pursuit of the steady only in eastern Asia, then, two other actions suggested shows more vision. That is the stabilization which could be achieved only under the consistent military cooperation. The peace-keeping force sent out by Australia and Japan both are members in the collective group. Thus, there maybe no direct collaboration but the mutual effect between Australia and Japan still exists. As there are quite amounts of multilateral cooperation interweaved in this global system. The integrated function generated out respectively turn into an indivisible entirety. Robert Keohane suggested in his book “State Power: Essays in International Relations Theory” that international institutions is regarded some kind of duty, restricted action and the efficiency they brought up. It also represented a rule which is been expected by the actor may or maybe not formally.[4]
     UoN 紐卡斯爾代寫
    Hence, to realize the partnership pattern shifted from merely restricted in trade toward more advanced way seems easy. Nonetheless, it is still necessary to take a review on the progress that how the cooperation shift into political interaction and security cooperation.
    Alan Rix explains the very new task should be undertaken by Australia and Japan altogether is the protection of security.[5] The security of the pacific region would count on Australia and Japan more and more as the United States appeal countries in the regional system to pay synergic strength in order to protect the free trade and economic development.
    To put forward to the next reasoning, this collaboration in security is also critical in the pacific system. As it is well known that the Australia-China and the Japan-China trading are both in booming. Australia and Japan share the common goal to benefit from China’s rapid development. There is no paradox here if both Australia and Japan are the complementary partner in the pacific.

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