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阿德萊德代寫 essay代寫

    Choose the correct forms in this passage about “creatures great and small.” 阿德萊德代寫 essay代寫
    I want you to think about two particular types of animals, namely/including an elephant and a mouse. 阿德萊德代寫 essay代寫  What’s the difference between them?  Well, you could say, “an elephant is bigger than a mouse”, but in fact/and indeed you would be right.  An elephant weighs ten tonnes.  By contrast/Conversely a mouse is absolutely minute- no more than a few grams in weight.  In any case/However, in one respect, a mouse is “bigger” than an elephant, or rather/but in fact it has “more” of something, if the proper comparison is made.
    First of all/At first, imagine that you could measure the complete surface area of an elephant, and then the complete surface area of a mouse.  Actually/ Besides, that would be a difficult thing to do, wouldn’t it?  Anyway/ In short, just imagine it - you measure the total area in square centimetres.  In the end/ Secondly, imagine that you measure the volume of each animal, that is/ namely the amount of space it takes up.阿德萊德代寫 essay代寫
    Now imagine that you divide the surface area of each animal by its volume.  Amazingly, the answer will be higher for the mouse than the elephant.  In other words/ Otherwise, a mouse has a greater surface area – more skin if you like – than an elephant, in relation to its volume.
    Hence/ Actually, this demonstrates a basic biological fact, namely/ such as that the bigger the animal, the smaller its relative surface area.  This is important for factors such as/ for example temperature control.  In any case/ The thing is, large animals, with a lower relative surface area, preserve their body heat very well, but many have difficulty in getting rid of heat.  Hence/ By the way, animals such as elephants need special ways of getting rid of excess heat – they lose heat by flapping their large ears, or they spray themselves with water.  On the other hand/ Otherwise they would be in danger of overheating.
    Conversely/ Otherwise, small animals have the problem of keeping their temperature high.  Think of an animal such as a mouse or a shrew.  It loses a great deal of its body heat to its surroundings.  Consequently/ By contrast, it constantly seeks out sources of energy – in other words/ including it spends most of its life trying to find things to eat.
    Draft Writing
    Writing can be viewed as a continual process, and you may find that even the final draft you submit to your lecturer may not be as perfect as you want it to be.  Draft writing is an important part of completing any written assignment and you should try to get into the habit of writing several drafts before handing in your final essay. This is an opportunity for you to get the right ideas down and in the right order.
    A student studying to become a Biology teacher is writing an essay on the benefits and drawbacks of zoos.  He has collected the following ideas to use as the basis for his first draft.  Put them in a suitable order.


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