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    Internationalization of Japan
    For many years, Japanese consumers have been very slow in accepting foreign goods, mainly because they are very selective and will only purchase high-quality products. Lately _______ the consumer market has been changing.  According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, kokusaika,   which is defined as “internationalization”, is influencing young Japanese consumers, who are very eager to purchase and enjoy products from countries from around the world.  The greatest access into the Japanese market has been by the food industry.  Traditionally, the protein staple in Japan has been fish products, 阿德萊德代寫essay in the last decade or so, the Japanese have been consuming more beef.  In fact, annual per capita consumption is expected to be about seven kilos in the next decade. 
    ___________ they have acquired a taste for imported beverages, both of the non-alcohol and low alcohol varieties, like beer drinks and “light” wines imported from England, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, and Australia.  阿德萊德代寫essay young people, especially women who are aware of the importance of health and fitness, are eating Western-style breakfasts.  ___________ they enjoy fruit, milk and bran-style cereals imported from the United States.
    Not only Western countries but also Asian nations________ South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand have been benefiting from the changing diet of the Japanese consumer.  _________ Japan is importing eels from Taiwan, asparagus from Thailand and mangoes from The Philippines.  __________ the Japanese trend toward internationalization should become even greater as we approach the twenty first century.  It will certainly increase international trade, which will definitely be advantageous to many countries of the world.
    Transition Expressions and Linkers
    Complete the following passage by choosing suitable linkers from the words following:
    During/ at last/ meanwhile/ while/ in any case/ namely/ including/ incidentally
    Gold!  The early settlers in America had always hoped to find it.  At last it was discovered in California in 1849.  _______the years that followed, thousands of people rushed to the diggings.  ________, the gold rush of 1849 produced one of the most famous of all American songs, ______ “Clementine”.
    At the end/ including/ in spite of/ that is/ namely/ but in fact/ in the end/ in addition to
    __________ all the difficulties they had to undergo, _________ starvation and disease, the “prospectors” (___________ gold miners and gold panners) kept up their desperate search.  Their numbers were huge, ________ very few of them “struck it rich”.  _________, most of them had to give up and go home.
    Due to/ indeed/ Moreover/ as well as/ however/ for example/ owing to/ especially/ by contrast
    Gold has always been a scarce metal.  _______, all gold ever produced would only fill the space of a large house.  _________. It is a metal with extremely desirable characteristics.  __________, it can be easily hammered into shapes, _______ its extreme softness.  _______, it can be drawn into a wire, with one gram of metal stretching to a length of nearly three kilometres.  Its attractiveness to jewellers and metal workers is _________ these qualities, _________ the fact that gold is remarkably resistant to corrosion.
    Especially/ such as/ in addition to/ hence/ in short/ because of/ despite/ for instance
    _________ its of electricity use in jewellery, gold has found other, more practical applications.  ________, gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and _________ extremely useful in the electronics industry, for items _______ electrical contacts.  Gold even has medical uses, being given as a treatment for certain diseases, _______ arthritis.
    Besides/ however/ nevertheless/at least/ in other words/ for example/ namely/therefore
    Perhaps the most important use of gold, ____________, is in its connection with money.  Gold is used for coinage; _________ it was formerly used in this way, and is still used to make coins for special occasions, __________ the coronation of a king or queen.  Now, gold coins do not enter general circulation.  _________, gold is still used by countries to store their wealth.  It is ___________ of great importance.



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